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This year has been bananas! In February, I became the new owner of a fantastic, Boston-based stationery company called Smudge Ink. Since then, I’ve been dedicating all of my time and energy to making sure we keep pushing Smudge Ink forward and don’t lose the momentum that the previous owners, Kate + Deb, built over the past 14 years.

I was the office manager at Smudge for 3 years and Kate + Deb thought I would be the perfect person to take over since they were ready for a change. I was so honored and excited to take on this new challenge. Now that I’ve been at the helm for 6 months, it’s clear that running 2 businesses is way too much for me to handle so it’s time to say good-bye to Everything Little Miss. BUT now we get to say

BUT now we get to say hello to APRIL MAY FOR SMUDGE INK! In the next month or so, all of our beloved maps will be available on the Smudge Ink website. We’re starting with cards + 8″ x 10″ art prints.


Thank you so much for your patience and please find us at all of our new online homes to see the complete Smudge Ink line (which is pretty darn impressive!):

website: smudgeink.com
instagram: @SmudgeInkBoston
facebook: /SmudgeInk
twitter: @SmudgeInkBoston


Yep! New maps! In addition to the maps pictured above (plus Somerville, MA and Wyoming), we’ve also added a few that have been missing from our shop since we started the new website. Visit our CITY + STATE MAPS section and have a peek. Feel free to let us know which cities or states you’d like to see next. We love your input!

Wesley turned three in January, and he’s full of opinions. He makes music and book requests regularly. Since this is a small family business, Wes’s preferences become a major part of our life and work. At Everything Little Miss, we strive to create fun, colorful, and playful designs. Spending time with our toddler and delighting in little joys with him every day has helped reinforce the spirit of Everything Little Miss as we make plans and think about new products. Here we’ll share with you some of our obsessions. Wes Requests is a monthly feature on our blog.


Wes turned 3 last month! He’s very proud of his new age and will happily tell anybody who inquires. “I’m THREE!” It’s also the reason he’s braver now. “I was scared of that when I was two, but now I’m three and I’m not scared!”

This is the first birthday that really meant anything to him. In the month leading up to his big day, several of his friends celebrated birthdays and had parties. He requested a half yellow and half chocolate cake with orange frosting, so I did my best. He had a joint party with a friend and it was wild and crazy and perfect for a bunch of three-year-olds. They ran and screamed and ate cake.

wes requests vol 13 | everything little miss | 020316

Since then, he’s pretty much been requesting cake on almost a daily basis. Luckily, his brother, grandma, and dad also have January birthdays and his Uncle got married in between. There has been a lot of cake!

I don’t see his desire for cake letting up anytime soon, but we’re working on substituting with fruit. He’s currently into mango in a big way.:)It can be pretty frustrating to hear the same question over and over. “Can I have cake?” It really gets irritating when a meltdown starts because I say no. But it’s a great opportunity to remind myself that:

  1. He’s just as frustrated by hearing “no” as I am by hearing his question for the millionth time.
  2. I’m teaching him the always important lesson that “you can’t always get what you want.”
  3. Persistence can be a wonderful life skill as is learning to hear “no” without taking it totally personally.

He’s just as frustrated by hearing “no” as I am by hearing his question for the millionth time.
I’m teaching him the always important lesson that “you can’t always get what you want.”
Persistence can be a wonderful life skill as is learning to hear “no” without taking it totally personally.
Look at that. Life lessons from cake!

quotable a.a. milne everything little miss 0127016

You guys, spelling is not my strong suit, so this A.A. Milne quote is talking to me on a few levels. Mostly though, I’m filled with respect for working moms and dads. This month has been such a whirlwind of birthdays (both of y sons and my husband!) and travel and very limited sleep, that just knowing if it’s Tuesday or Wednesday or Sunday feels like a win! The days have been crazed, but we always, always, always have some good laughs.

We posted last week about being behind schedule this year. The great news is that our mini notes are now available! We’ll let you know when our new maps are available online, too. Be on the lookout for: Connecticut, Maine, New Hampshire, Rhode Islande, Vermont, New England, and Somerville!

P.S. We still have a few 2016 Butterfly Calendars in stock. GET YOURS HERE before they’re gone!

Ooomph. As much as we hate to admit it, but we’re running waaaay behind schedule this year. Our winter release is still in the design phase. The 2016 wholesale catalog is just an idea at this point. And we haven’t even photographed or shared our brand new mini love notes. 😢 Sigh.

mini love notes coming soon | everything little miss | 01192016

We’re really hoping to get some good photos this week and get these up in the shop. We know we’re really cutting it close to Valentine’s Day, but the EXCELLENT news is that these notes are good for any day of the year. Put them in lunch boxes, briefcases, and pockets to makes somebody’s day extra special. Stay tuned and we’ll let you know when they’re ready!